Antonio Torres. Albacete 1969. Alicante since 1989.

An artist who has been undergoing intense work for 30 years. Different ways of painting where there have been various series and styles, even though he has been based on the theme of  ballet for 15 years.

In the beginning he began taking notes from different ballet schools, where he carried out two of his first series with Mar Ronda, a student with Professor Mª. Angeles Signes in the Pas de Quatre ballet school. (Series “Mar” and series “Contrastes”)

According to the painter, in order to achieve the goals proposed, it is necessary  not only work in the Studio with determination and daily dedication, but also be related with the best professionals in the ballet world, from whom he is fed off and inspired to be able to develope master pieces meticulously noting details of anatomy and poses.

“Famous painter of international ballet. His art will carry you to a world full of details, showing the hidden nuances of ballet”.

Russian Ballet

His procedure to do the job is to take notes, sketches and photographs of the dancers backstage during performances, as for example some years ago with the Moscow Ballet company with whom he has a strong friendship. Especially with Natalia Gubanova (Moscow), main protagonist and Muse in the series “Arcoiris Azul and Cristina Terentiev (Moldova) , dancers who he personally appreciates a lot.

In recent years, his model is Laurretta Surnmerscales from London, main dancer in the Bayerisches Staatsballett of Munich, whom he personally and professionally admires. The name of the series he is now still carrying out is “Blue Dream”

His work extends throughout Europe, Santo Domingo, Cuba, United States, Mexico, Qatar and Taiwan.

“I am deeply inspired and grateful to God to be living magical moments backstage surrounded by great professionals in the wonderful world of classical dance”